Estate Planning


There are no attorneys here (and we’re “legally” prohibited from giving “legal advice”), but we CAN and DO apply more than a quarter century of real world experience to help you choose the optimal strategy for protecting yourself, your estate and your heirs from attack by and through the probate courts.

1. One heir didn’t receive a penny from her $428,609 inheritance after back taxes, accountants’ and attorneys’ fees.
2. An unnamed 80 year old widow received nothing of a multi-million dollar estate because of judges, and lawyers.
3. The estate of a former delegate to the UN lost more than 45%, due to administrative expenses, attorneys’ fees, executors’ fees, federal and state estate taxes
4. Heirs of a founder of one of the world’s largest accounting firms were “lucky” to get less than 44%,
5. A former President’s heirs did best, losing just under 24%, attorneys’ and executors’ fees, state inheritance and federal estate taxes, and unpaid debts.

Judges will usually overrule any plan intended to “protect assets”, meaning everything you own, including home(s), car(s), stock(s), bond(s), etc., can be taken in a judgment against you.  But your vulnerability is not limited by how much you own. The options available within the “system,” are to either pay outrageous premiums for liability insurance; carry minimal insurance, and hope no one ever sues you for more than the amount of coverage; forget insurance and pray you never get sued at all; or give up your business or profession, and never allow anyone to visit to avoid “slip and fall” lawsuits on your property.


Your home, car, etc., are all a matter of public record, available to anyone who wishes to research such records. Added to that, “private” records, e.g.,

  •   a “discount card,” from a supermarket,
  • a gas station, etc.,

generally have your name, address, phone number, etc. (In the gascard instance, if your car is stolen, you’ve given the thief at least one free tank of gas to get away on; if it happens while you’re away, your car may end up across the country before you even know about it, and you’ll be stuck with the bill!!!).

And then there’s Government’s prying eyes.


As we once again upgrade and modernize this 25-year-old web domain, we’ll be adding Testimonials from willing Clients, so keep an eye out.


Modernizing will include relevant business articles and reviews of state and federal court decisions/opinions affecting estates and inheritances. MORE TO COME.

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